Best Impact Screwdriver

With the best impact screwdriver, you can easily solve the problem of oxidized, corroded, or blocked screws. In some cases, in fact, it’s the only tool that can help you solve a seemingly insurmountable problem, that is, a screw that got stuck inside the housing mechanism, because ‘it was damaged or perhaps because it was encrusted with rust. In the impact screwdriver, the handle coated with a non-slip coating seems much thicker and wider than normal. Indeed, it must be able to withstand hammer blows, hence its name as an impact screwdriver.


Klein Tools

Klein Tools

  • Helical design
  • Reliable
  • Reversible

Lisle 29200

Lisle 29200

  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Drive bit holder


CRAFTSMAN Impact Driver

  • Tightens Fasteners
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Affordable

ARES 70006 Driver

ARES 70006

  • 3/8-inch
  • Quality Tools
  • Affordable

Manual Impact Driver

Manual Impact Driver

  • Reversible
  • Heavy Duty
  • Protective Shell

Craftsman Manual 

Craftsman Manual 

  • Rugged steel
  • Hammer impacts
  • Affordable

What is the best impact screwdriver?

The best impact screwdriver transforms the hammer blows into an extremely powerful rotational movement, which unlocks screws that are too tight. The pressure exerted during the blow makes the tip of the tool adhere to the head of the screw, thus avoiding damaging the cut of the head: a disadvantage which often occurs when trying to unscrew a screw which has been blocked with a hand or electric screwdriver. You can buy this type of tool in online sales channels with the certainty of finding cheaper offers than a specialized store and also sometimes at a low price. If you are short of information on the type of product suited to your specific needs, it is advisable to read and evaluate the purchase notices of other users, which you can find in the comments of the various products.

Klein Tools 70220 Impact Driver

Reversible, this device is manufactured according to DIN 3120 / ISO 1174.

The percussion generates a rotation of 1/4Klein Tools 70220 Impact Driver turn by means of a special mechanism.

It is used without any effort and without risk of blade leakage.

It finds its optimal use in the automotive sector. Made of special steel, it comes with a sturdy plastic case and a set of inserts for removing screws of all sizes.

The supplied fitting allows you to extend the potential of the device with other rings and inserts.sturdyAgileIdeal for cars

Lisle 29200 3/8″ Hand Impact Tool Set

Lisle 29200 3/8" Hand Impact Tool SetThis very robust set of screwdrivers with through blade and metal dome is made of chrome vanadium steel.

The box contains six pieces: I 1 screwdriver 3, 5/4, 5/5, 5/7, 0 mm, PH 1 / Phillips PH2.

The rubberized handle ensures an optimal grip, even during the most demanding works.

CRAFTSMAN Hand Impact Driver

In addition to the device, the housing includes a complete set of 13 drill bits for impact wrenches.

CRAFTSMAN is efficient, the 1/2 ″ screwdriver is appreciated for its comfortable grip, which allows you to easily CRAFTSMAN Hand Impact Drivertackle the most demanding jobs.

The kit includes 5.6 and 8 mm screwdrivers, n ° 1,2, and 3 Pozi and Philips T12 T20 T30 T 40 Torx. durable Comfortable Efficient

A common problem

How many times have you wanted to loosen a screw without making a tenth of a turn? And that, by dint of attempts, we arrive at a point where it becomes impossible to unscrew with any tool? At least once in everyone’s life, this is a problem that affects all novice mechanics, but that often happens even to the most experienced. A seized screw, a worn key. It only takes a few things to damage the head of the screw, which makes unscrewing impossible with traditional tools.

How to unscrew without doing damage?

There are several ways to overcome this problem, firstly a good spray of release agents, such as WD-40, which often solves the problem within seconds. The same work, but in a much more functional way, is carried out by the impact screwdriver, that is to say, this particular type of screwdriver with a large and solid handle which is used in combination with a hammer and which allows unscrewing screws that have been blocked because they are rusted or oxidized or with very high torque. It is used when tightening torques which cannot be achieved with normal screwdrivers are required. For this reason, the best models are made of special steel highly alloyed with chrome-vanadium.

What did It look like?

This screwdriver has a very generous handle, which incorporates a system that impresses its point with a rotation with each blow of hammer given by the hammer. In this way, the tip does not tend to come out of the seat of the screw and the screwdriver does not have to exert excessive force. The rotations activated by the percussion of the hammer are essential because they allow the magnetic tip to maintain contact with the head of the screw and therefore rotate it to unscrew it. The mechanism of the screwdriver has a double function: on the one hand, it rotates the point, on the other hand, it ensures that it remains inserted in the head, due to the impact with the hammer, the preventing from leaving the seat. On some models, it is also possible to choose the direction of rotation of the tip between right and left.

What types are on the market?

On the market, you can find kits with matching interchangeable tips that provide the most common, cross or hexagonal cuts and different sizes. The body of the screwdriver generally has a square connection for 1/2 inch – 8 mm sockets, into which the blades or transverse bits compatible with the bits on the market are inserted. The way to use it is quite simple: you press well the screwdriver against the screw to be released but by forcing it in the direction of rotation which one wants to carry out, one strikes it with a lead hammer, inside the object is a mechanism which with the blow made immediately turn 1/3 or 1/4 (depending on the model) of the head, so as to unlock the screw to the point that you can then intervene by freehand.

Using a slotted screwdriver?

If the screw is really stuck or the head is completely rounded, the only way to remove it is to create a notch where you can grab it with a slotted screwdriver. The depth of the notch must be a few millimeters so that the screwdriver can grasp it without slipping. The width must be sufficient to allow the tip of the screwdriver to be easily inserted. You can use a conventional hacksaw or a very useful tool like the Dremel with a cutting disc to make the notch. Once you’ve made the notch with a screwdriver (or another tool), you can unlock the screw. This operation can obviously only be done with screws whose head is protruding. It is certainly not to be used on wood, but it is very useful in mechanics, bodywork,

What are its 5 main advantages?

  • Such a tool is a must for DIY enthusiasts. It will help you complete each task faster when you have to work at home. If you have sometimes had to fight with a normal screwdriver, the electric version is a great alternative for small tasks as for large projects, it will surely increase your efficiency in a large number of projects.


  • The shape of its handle, comfortable and pleasant, makes it easy to use. Thanks to its high speed, you will find that the activities are carried out much faster. Some models come with useful “extras” like a case and a set of screws that give you more comfort while you work.


  • With a screwdriver of this type, the work requires less effort. Drilling screws can be tedious work, especially when a project requires a large number of screws. This tool allows you to do more work with less effort and lets you tackle a variety of tasks using the same tool.


  • The tool also allows you to insert screws quickly and precisely. The screwdriver has a powerful drilling capacity which ensures a lasting effect of the joint. This allows the work to be carried out more quickly and more satisfactorily.


  • Variable speed and reverse are common in most of these devices. The variable speed allows better control and greater efficiency during work. Another characteristic is inversion ”. It allows you to quickly insert screws and remove them just as quickly when you need them. Thanks to the speed adjustment, you spend less time combining the screws with the work to be done. The tool is available in three basic forms, straight, pistol, and multipositional, some models integrating the three in a single device. It gives you more flexibility for a wide range of jobs.

When you work with conventional screwdrivers, you need different types to do different jobs at home. Each of them is best suited to a particular job. However, if you buy a multiposition electric type, you benefit from the advantages of three different characteristics integrated into a single device. Just change the shape depending on the work you do.

How powerful is it?

Like the drill, the secret to the success of this screwdriver is a powerful battery, which normally ranges from 3.6 volts for light work or up to 12 volts for medium-level applications. But thanks to innovations in battery life, even the smallest screwdriver has a very efficient battery. This is due to the advanced lithium-ion battery, which can provide a stable source of energy. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged quickly and are environmentally friendly.

Torque and speed

The torque measures the force behind the screwdriver which allows the screw or the point to be turned into position. The higher the torque, the more power or force the operator can produce. You can also look for screwdrivers that have torque control, which means you can adjust and control the turning force of the tool. If you intend to use the screwdriver to fix or insert a screw in materials such as hardwood or aluminum, it is best to look for a screwdriver with high torque. There are also screwdrivers that offer variable speed control, which allows you to use low wattage when working with lighter materials, or you can choose a higher speed when working with harder materials.


The size of the screwdriver refers to the size of the pin at the end of the screwdriver. The pin is where the tip or screw should be attached. The size can be ¼ in. or ¾ in. Some models have a keyless chuck, which means you don’t need tools to remove it. Some screwdrivers also offer a choice of bits or screws available in different sizes and shapes, which means they can be used for almost any type of task.

Additional Features

Another great option is locking the spindle, allowing you to lock the mechanism in place so that you can replace the screw manually. Some screwdrivers have a clutch that can give you more control over the torque. Some models offer an “Auto-stop” clutch which stops the tool when the clutch is disengaged. The ergonomic handles and the adjustable handles allow you to use the tool in a straight line or in a pistol grip to facilitate DIY.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your needs, you will find on the market both the manual impact screwdriver, ideal for unscrewing difficult metal screws, as well as the electric screwdriver particularly suitable for wood. You can buy a basic model for screwing and unscrewing completely with the case for around 20 euros, while if you want to work with a high-quality tool, you need to budget for around 60 euros.

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