Best Impact Wrench Buying Guide

The best impact wrench is a tool widely used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Designed to tighten bolts, screw and unscrew, it is a very practical tool.

To choose this tool correctly, users must consider different characteristics of these devices. The power of its engine is the most important thing. Other than that, you have to look at the type of impact wrench to be equipped as well as its mode of supply.

To preserve your comfort of use, it is also necessary to dwell on its design. In order to orient you on efficient specimens, here are two tools that have been sold many times. The DEWALT 20V MAX XR is, first of all, a fairly powerful and easy to handle model.

Then the Ingersoll Rand 231C which is a versatile and handy impact wrench. These two devices are all reliable and surely reserve a long service life for future buyers.

List of Best Impact Wrench


EPAuto 1/2-inch Torque Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic Tool CP7769

  • Adjustable Torque
  • Lightweight Tool
  • Easy-to-Use

Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench

  • 2-piece design
  • Adjustable regulator
  • Reliable Design

Bosch PS82-02 EC Brushless

Bosch PS82-02 EC Brushless

  • Compact and light
  • No-load impact
  • Three LED light

AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Wrench

AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Wrench

  • 1,400 Blows/Minute
  • 15% larger rotor
  • Quiet Technology

Astro Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Astro Pneumatic Impact Wrench

  • 450 Max torque
  • Extremly lightweight
  • Twin hammer design



  • Compact Design
  • LED Light
  • Professional Quality

Buying guide – How to choose a good impact wrench?

Bolting, unbolting, these actions always come back for a handyman. In order to save time, every handyman needs the impact wrench to work effectively. Find in this buying guide for the best impact wrenches and how to buy an impact wrench with a better value for money? Three selection criteria are to be taken into consideration.

The 5 Best Impact Wrenches (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

An impact wrench is a tool dedicated to replacing tires, which combines both power and compactness. Its acquisition constitutes an investment which will be profitable for several years if you opt for a model that is of better quality.

  1. Chicago Pneumatic Tool CP7769 Heavy Duty

 Chicago Pneumatic CP7769 is a pneumatic machine. It, therefore, works with compressed air. To make it rotate, youChicago Pneumatic Tool CP7769 Heavy Duty will, therefore, need to give it a pressure of 6.3 bars. You may think it is a weak model if you rely on the pressure it demands, but it is not. This pressure is enough to give a performance and great precision in all the work you want to do.

When trying to judge the performance of a product, focus on three points: tension, speed, and the impact of the wrench. For the Chicago Pneumatic CP7769, this performance is above all quantifiable in terms of speed, since it is a pneumatic machine. The latter is located at 10,000 revolutions per minute. And even if you are not an expert in the field, you will notice that it is one of the highest speeds.

But beware, do not listen to those who say that pneumatic devices are not efficient. We must not generalize. And this model is there to prove it. The fact that it works with a compressor does not detract from the quality of this instrument. As long as you have a compressor on hand, you can take advantage of the superior quality offered by this machine.

We tested this impact wrench and concluded that it is a model that is worth to buy. Especially, if you are looking for an impact wrench with great ergonomics. The proof? Most users all offer praise for the maneuverability offered by this machine. Therefore no unpleasant surprises to have on this point. Whether you are an experienced handyman or any individual in the field, you will soon see how pleasant the grip is.

Admittedly, several users complain about the noise emitted by this impact wrench, but when you take into account all the advantages of it, you will not even see this small downside. It allows you to easily carry out all the tasks that you wish to carry out with. So don’t hold back on choosing this model over others.


The maneuverability of this model is ensured by the intervention of multi-level rotation. Left-handed and right-handed users will use it pleasantly.


On the other hand, we will have more appreciated a less important sound. With noise pollution of 108 dB, you risk annoying those around you by tinkering in the evening or on weekends.

  1. Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench

If you want to know which the best impact wrench on the market is, then get to know Ingersoll Rand 231C becauseIngersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench its characteristics have surprised a large number of users. The impact wrench works with a maximum torque of 1650 Newton Meters to allow you to carry out your work with great precision. It also allows you to tighten and loosen with great power so that nothing resists the tool.

The handle of this model is easy to take in hand and comes with a non-slip material allowing you to use it in comfort and safety. In addition, the compactness of this model supports the ease of handling to prevent you from getting tired easily when operating it, this very lightweight product in the market.

Ingersoll Rand 231C works with convenient controls that give you both torque and direction of rotation information for easy control of the tool. This model contains the strengths of the best impact wrench.

Ingersoll Rand 231C has a maximum torque of 1650 Nm. It is very easy to handle, and this is partly due to its lightness and its design designed to be as ergonomic as possible. You now know where to buy the best impact wrench.


Torque: The torque can be adjusted. You will therefore have the choice between 510 Nm, 680 Nm or even 913 Nm. Thus, depending on the work to be done, you can choose the ideal tightening force.

Powerful: With a torque of up to 1690Nm, you will be able to loosen the most stubborn nuts. The 515.1210 is probably the most powerful impact wrench at the moment.

Lightweight: Weighing only 2.2 kg, this impact wrench is rather light compared to other competing models. This will give you better control of the device.

Ergonomics: The Soft-grip handle with non-slip properties will give you a better grip in the optimal comfort of use.


Price: It is certainly a bit expensive, but given its performance, the investment is well worth it.

  1. Bosch PS82-02 12V Max EC Brushless

Bosch PS82-02 12V is a fairly powerful impact wrench that is quite practical in carrying out certain bolting work. Bosch PS82-02 12V Max EC Brushless This impact wrench is capable of operating with an interchangeable battery system. You can either use a premium battery with extended autonomy or use a compact battery which optimizes the lightness of the whole device when you handle it.

Bosch PS82-02 12V operates with a speed of 3,200 rpm indicating the speed of the completion of your screwing or loosening work. The dimensions of this model include 42.6 cm long, 34.2 cm wide and 13cm high. Thanks to its compactness, it is easy to take the whole of this device in hand so that you can carry out your work without getting tired. In addition, the weight of the device is equal to 3.6 kg so that you can use it to carry out work in places that are difficult to access or that are at a considerable height without tiring your arms.

The impact wrench is accompanied by an Electronic Cell Protection or ECP system which ensures that your battery is protected against overheating or deep discharge. By its quality, Bosch GDS18VLINCG is in fourth place compared to the other products in this comparison of impact wrenches.

An impact wrench will be of great use to you during your DIY sessions. But still you have to come across a quality device. The 12V Bosch PS82-02 12V with an interchangeable battery system should do the trick.


Interchangeable batteries: This cordless impact wrench has the particularity of giving you the choice between a “Premium” battery in order to benefit from an extended autonomy, or “Compact”. The latter is distinguished by its lightweight, making the key easier and more pleasant to use.

Powerful: The striking frequency of 3200 rpm and the high torque allow rapid screwing work to be carried out in both metal and wood.


Battery and charger: These two accessories are not supplied with the impact wrench. You will have to take either a “premium” or a “compact” battery, with the charger that goes with it.

  1. AIRCAT 1150 “Killer Torque” 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

This is the best tool for any handyman as well as any professional who needs to bolt and unbolt. The impact wrenchAIRCAT 1150 "Killer Torque" 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench allows you to work quickly. This wired electric impact wrench is delivered with 4 sleeves of 17, 19, 21, and 22 mm. This allows you to change the tip according to your needs and save time in your work.

The AIRCAT 1150 is a powerful device with a no-load speed which can reach up to 2,200 rpm. This means that you can work very quickly with this impact wrench, both to bolt and to unbolt screws and nuts.

It is accompanied by a cable with a length of 3 meters, sufficient to work without having to search for a source of electrical power. This way, you can access anywhere in your workshop or where you work. This electrically powered impact wrench is also compact enough to facilitate its use.

In the market you cannot find out the more best-performing impact wrenches available on the market than AIRCAT 1150, it is one of the most recommended. It is also the subject of a large number of favorable comments on the web.


Optimal power: With 1,100 Watts at your disposal, you can easily overcome all bolts and nuts, even the most stubborn.

Interchangeable colored sleeves: They are of different dimensions and the diversity of colors makes it possible to remember those which you have already used before.

A handy electric shock wrench: With its optimal dimensions, this wrench is relatively easy to handle, even for DIY enthusiasts.


A fairly high weight: With its 4.63 pounds, the AIRCAT 1150 is a little heavy, especially for long-term use.

Incomplete sockets: The absence of sleeves larger than 24 mm reduces the possibilities of working on certain cars or motorcycles.

  1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench

Astro Tool 1822 is a model of pneumatic impact wrench which has been checked by the GS center on the safety of itsAstro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2" Nano Impact Wrench use before being placed on the market. This product can meet the needs of those who intend to maintain their tires themselves without requiring much about the power of the device.

The impact wrench is capable of making you do your work with a maximum torque of 450 ft./lbs. This allows you to carry out your work with good precision. At idle, the device is capable of making up to 7000 rpm so that you can complete your work in no time at each use. Astro Tool 1822 is compact, its dimensions including 28 cm in length, 27.5 cm in width, and 11.6 cm in height; while its weight is only 4.63 pounds. These features indicate that this model is easy to take in hand and can be used for a few hours without getting tired easily.

The pneumatic impact wrench is delivered with various accessories including an Allen key, a mini-lubricator, a connecting piece, 10 sockets, an oil can, two screwdriver bits, and a case with which you can transport the whole.

In the ranking of the best pneumatic impact wrenches, you will not be able to miss the Astro Tool 1822. The reason for its success? It comes with many accessories that will allow you to perform different types of work.


Supplied accessories: The Astro Tool 1822 is supplied with many accessories, each as useful as the other.

Safe: This product has undergone several safety tests and has received and it is a controlled safety mark.


Not powerful enough: According to user tests, the Astro Tool 1822 lacks a bit of power in the face of very rusty and stubborn nuts.

  1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit

For professionals as well as for do-it-yourselfers, bolting and unbolting is a repetitive act that requires appropriateDEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit tools. The use of an impact wrench is the ideal solution to save time and reduce efforts.

With a maximum loosening torque of 700 ft pounds, the DEWALT 20V MAX XR is powerful enough to tighten and loosen all kinds of screws and nuts without much difficulty. This impact wrench is therefore ideal for garages and workshops but also for DIY enthusiasts who can have quality equipment within their reach.

This pneumatic impact wrench operates under a service pressure of 6.3 bar, which allows you to work with great precision and do all your work in record time. The reduced size allows it to sneak everywhere and access the most confined spaces.

If you are not yet able to know which is the best impact wrench suited to your needs, you should know that the DEWALT 20V MAX XR is one of the most appreciated by users. It also collects a large number of positive opinions.


Multi-level rotation: This quality means that it can be easily handled by both right-handers and left-handers.

Perfect ergonomics: This tool has great ergonomics, which considerably facilitates its handling.


Significant noise pollution: This impact wrench emits noise pollution of 108 dB, which may annoy your neighbors when you tinker on the weekend.

Pneumatic impact wrench: It requires the use of a compressor to be able to benefit from optimal pressure.

A recommended tube diameter: Below a tube diameter of 10 mm, you risk not obtaining the operating pressure of 6.3 bars essential for the proper functioning of the DEWALT 20V MAX XR.

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