Best Laser Measure Classification and Tests

Best Laser measure is the device that replaced the old retractable tape measures. This is a particularly interesting tool because it works instantly and allows you to have precise data.

In addition, for professionals, this tool will be of great help to them and will allow them to increase their productivity. If you are looking for such equipment, here are some models that are top rates in our leisure measure purchase guide. Among these you will find the Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze Connected Rangefinder which has a multitude of varied functions and is up to date.

But you can also opt for the Tacklife Laser Meter Rangefinder 40 m 1.5mm gap which is able to cope with all difficult climatic conditions.

List of Best Laser Meters


Bosch Compact Blaze  65′

Bosch Compact Blaze  65'

  • long range measure
  • Easy to use
  • Live measuring

Bosch Blaze Pro 165′

Bosch Blaze Pro 165'

  • 1 button operation
  • Pocket size
  • < 1mw power output

Tacklife Classic Laser Measure

Tacklife Classic Laser Measure

  • Higher Accuracy
  • Accuracy ±1/16
  • Large LCD

Leica DISTO D2 Measure

Leica DISTO D2 Measure

  • 1mW output
  • 330 ft measuring
  • 10 reading memory

Laser Measure, VYTOOV 164ft

Laser Measure, VYTOOV 164ft

  • Precise measurement
  • Large LCD
  • High quality

PerfectPrime RF0350 Laser 

PerfectPrime RF0350 Laser 

  • Wider Range
  • Waterproof
  • Better Display

The 10 Best Laser Meters Reviews

  1. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze 65′ Laser Distance Measure

To accurately quantify the measurements on your site, this product from the Bosch brand will be your best tool. ItBosch Compact Blaze  65' has a 2.8” colored screen that will allow you to view, but also to make adjustments in the simplest way possible.

In addition, it also incorporates a 5-megapixel camera, which offers you the possibility to zoom 8 x, but also, and above all to precisely target a point on the screen thanks to a crosshair, even if the visibility is reduced.

Likewise, using the Measuring Master application, you can transfer measurement data to colleagues or store it for further processing. In order to serve professionals in the trade, this product is accompanied by a BT 150 site tripod adjustable to 55 and 157 cm. By equipping yourself with this tool, you will be able to measure up to 120 m, all with an accuracy of 1.5 mm.


Diversified functions: To measure gaps and make markings, this equipment will do the work for you. In addition, it is equipped with an inclinometer that can go up to 360 °.

Camera: With its 5-megapixel camera, you will therefore avoid unnecessary back and forth on site.

Measuring Master: This application will allow you to make remote adjustments, in addition to allowing you to share your data with your colleagues.


Screen difficult to read: The screen has been included to allow you to work in comfort, however, you will find it difficult to read it especially if the level of sunshine is high.

  1. Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40

If you are one of those who want to track the best laser measure must know that the Bosch brand continues toBosch Blaze Pro 165' surprise with its products that follow the advances in technology.

And once again, with the Bosch Blaze Pro 165, it reaffirms its notoriety. Better yet, to stand out from the competition, you will be delighted to discover features on this device that go beyond standard uses. Indeed, if you are facing obstacles, this device is able to communicate to you indirect measurement data of distances and heights with an accuracy of 2 mm.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can send your data from the PLR Measure & Go app, which is compatible with an Android or IOS smartphone.


Touch screen: For intuitive use and to save much more time, the device has no adjustment button, the touch screen will satisfy you.

Features: Apart from the basic features that we are used to finding on other models, you can also obtain indirect measurements.

Value for money: If you are wondering how to buy a laser meter with a better value for money, this product may be the answer to your question.


Sealing: We know that on a site, the device can be exposed to extreme conditions, so we regret that it is not waterproof.

  1. Tacklife Laser Meter Laser Rangefinder 40m Gap 1.5mm

You’ve probably heard of the popularity of Tacklife. Indeed, this firm is generally seen as being the best brand ofTacklife Laser Meter Laser Rangefinder laser measures. In order not to tarnish its reputation and always offer the best to its customers, it markets this efficient and inexpensive product on the market.

It is a device that will help you take measurements from 5 cm up to 40 m. And to save you time, the measurements will be instantly displayed on the LCD screen it has.

And always to make you enjoy the comfort you are looking for, all you have to do is press a button to reveal the surface, the dimension, the volume, or even the height. In addition, the case is very resistant, it is able to withstand shocks and has IP54 protection, which ensures you use it over a long period.


Resistant housing: The housing is very resistant and does not fear shocks or falls that may occur on-site.

Ergonomic: With a very lightweight and not bulky dimensions, you can easily transport this laser meter on all your sites.

Battery life: To work on a site, in addition to having the most efficient device in your hands, the battery will need to be autonomous, which you will find on this model.


Imprecise measurements: Some users claim that the measurements obtained from the tool are not precise, despite settings at the calibration level.

  1. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black

Are you still wondering where to buy the best laser meter? We point your attention to this Leica DISTO D2. It is a  Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure device that incorporates an electronic angular sensor on it, which is a feature that goes a bit off the beaten track. In fact, if we have to compare this system to liquid level bubbles, we will notice that the data will be communicated instantly and more precisely.

Furthermore, since time is money, it will be able to display your results only after 0.5 s. This is made possible thanks to its large optical lens which increases the level of light transmission by up to 50%. And to avoid doing things in half, it can store a large volume of data.

This will work in your favor, in the sense that you will be able to take measurements continuously, while measuring multiple data sets simultaneously. And of course, this product has the IP54 safety class.


The price: With a cheaper price, you can have in your hands a powerful product that will take care of removing weights from your shoulder.

Rectangular electronic sensor: Innovative, this tool does not work with level bubbles, which will allow you to gain in terms of comfort and speed.

Storage: The storage of this device is large enough to allow you to work on various sites at once.


Imprecise: Only downside, some users complain that they do not have precise measurements.

  1. Laser Measure, VYTOOV 164ft Laser Distance Meters with Bubble Level

Even if it is not always the best performer in the eyes of everyone, we cannot miss this Laser Measure, VYTOOV. ThisLaser Measure, VYTOOV 164ft Laser Distance Meters with Bubble Level laser meter will be of great help in any situation, whether for indoor measurements or for outdoor measurements. And since comfort is an essential element to benefit from good productivity at work, a 33 mm by 25 screen with good visibility will be at your disposal.

In addition, in order not to decorate the product with a multitude of buttons, making its use arduous, the designer has integrated on the device only an on / off button and it will only be up to the user to scroll through the everything to make the various settings.

In addition, upon receipt, you will not have to waste a lot of time getting used to its use, because a Quickstart notice will guide you step by step. In terms of its range, you can go up to 20 m away in terms of interior design.


Guarantee: This product is guaranteed for a period of use of 2 years. You will, therefore, be assured of having a robust product in your hands.

Precise: For very precise measurements, this laser meter will communicate encrypted data to you with an accuracy of 0.3 mm / m and will go as far as offering you exact data with 3 digits after the decimal point.


Missing functionality: If we had to blame one thing on this product, it is its inability to add the measured areas.

  1. PerfectPrime RF0350, Laser Distance Digital Range Finder Meter

To find out which is the best laser meter on the market, you must start by focusing on the solidity of the material.  PerfectPrime RF0350, Laser Distance Digital RangeIndeed, a product which is not robust will not always be advantageous for you. For the case of this model, it is equipped with a casing developed with textured ABS which is completely resistant due to its IP54 sealing class.

With a total weight of 186 grams and a dimension of 4 x 15.5 x 9.8 cm, you can have it with you at all times and in all circumstances. Similarly, to make it easier for you to use, it has only one button.

And to have clear and precise measurements during your work, it has a range which can extend up to 15 m, with an accuracy of 3 to 10 mm. The practicality of this product is also based on its drop-down measurement as well as its distance function.


Batteries already included: No need to search for batteries, upon receipt of this model, you can directly use them.

Water tightness: The watertight and solid nature of its case contributes to offer you a quality material which is not afraid of being exposed to dust or water splashes.

Light: Light and not bulky, you can easily insert the tool in your pocket and take it with you wherever you are.


Do not calculate the surface: This product only provides you with basic elements. In this sense, it is impossible for him to calculate the surface.

  1. Hilti 2062051 PD-E Laser (1 mW, 635 nm, Class 2, Class II )

This Hilti 2062051 laser meter has been specially designed for outdoor use. Even if the weather is not nice or in caseHilti 2062051 PD E Laser of increased brightness, the screen remains perfectly readable.

In addition, always in the same vein, it is equipped with an optical sight to allow you to take measures in the rules of art. In addition, it is able to provide you with a measurement over a distance of 200 m with an accuracy of 1.00 mm.

In addition, to better assist you in your various tasks, it can perform additions and subtractions for you, especially since the data obtained can be displayed with graphics. But still, it is able to calculate the surface or the volume. In addition, it is equipped with the Pythagoras and trapezoid function. With a robust design, it has an IP65 protection index, which allows it to withstand any possible impact or often extreme outdoor conditions.


Slope sensor: During your work, even if the measurement conditions prove difficult, its 360 ° tilt sensor will be able to help you.

LEDs:  The device incorporates LEDs whose main role is to determine with great precision the exact reference of the measurement to be taken, which considerably reduces the margin of error.

Efficient: To quickly and efficiently obtain data, the functionality of this tool will give you satisfaction.


The price: The price at which this product is displayed is not the cheapest, so you will have to make some concessions if you want to buy it.

  1. Lomvum Laser Distance Measure with Mute Function Large LCD Backlight

It is mainly professionals, this tool will not fail to facilitate your tasks in the field thanks to its optical lens which willLomvum Laser Distance Measure with Mute Function Large LCD Backlight give you very precise measurements. A backlit screen will be at your disposal for easier use and optimal comfort. In addition, you can freely choose between 3 units of measurement: m, in, and ft.

In terms of its storage capacity, it can store up to 30 readings. With a measurement accuracy of 2 mm, its measuring range extends over a distance of 40 m. You will be able to use it in various circumstances: for a construction site, to monitor water projects, for town planning, or simply to give your interior a facelift.

You will understand, this device shows great versatility, which will allow you to use it both outdoors and indoors. In addition, you will find in the lot: 1 laser meter, 2 AA batteries, a case to transport it, a bracelet, and instructions for use.


Versatile: Whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors, this Lomvum Laser tool will give you the support you are looking for.

Efficient: If you want to take the measurement in a space that is difficult to access, its IP54 sealing index promises you satisfactory results.

Guarantee: It is a solid tool that comes with a 2-year guarantee from its manufacturer. So you now know where to buy a new laser meter.


Difficult installation: There is no denying the performance of the product itself, we just regret that the strap is difficult to install.

  1. Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Laser Distance Measure

Designed with perfectly solid and high-quality materials which are none other than firm rubber and thick plastic, the Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Laser Distance Measure Leica Leica DISTO E7100i will be your best tool for a very long time.

These materials, in addition to ensuring you a robust laser meter, will also allow you to better hold it in hand and prevent it from slipping. Like most devices, it includes all the basic functionalities that one would expect from such a product and its range goes up to 80 m, with accuracy to the nearest millimeter.

Better yet, you will also find the Pythagoras function, the picketing function as well as other functions related to the calculation of volume or surface. And so that you can directly test your product upon receipt, it comes with batteries, a cover, and a wrist strap. This product is also guaranteed for 36 months.


Manufacturing materials: This laser meter offers you an intuitive use, and easy handling and a very high resistance, by the choice of its materials.

Data recording: If you do not have the possibility of annotating the measurements on a notebook, you can store up to 10 measurements in its memory.

Multiple functionalities: Beyond the basic and standard functionalities, set off to discover new innovative horizons.

  1. Leica DISTO D1 120ft Laser Distance Measure

Equipped with Bluetooth Smart connectivity, this laser meter will transmit your data instantly to the other Leica DISTO D1 120ft Laser Distance Measureapplications on your smartphone. In addition, this device is undoubtedly one of the ultimate in technology thanks, among other things, to the Leica Leica DISTO D1 application.

Indeed, you will have the opportunity to write down all the ideas that are bubbling in your head on the tool, whether it is a sketch, a drawing, or even a photo, and this, to obtain strongly supported measurement results.

Even better, the device operates using Leica Geosystem technology. Versatile, you can use it to get all the measurements you may need, starting from the surface of a room, while measuring corners or grooves.

This is made possible thanks to its foldable tip which is multifunctional and which incorporates sensors to prevent errors. Measuring 116 × 44 × 26 mm and with a total weight of 100 g, its range is 100 m and its storage is capable of memorizing your last 10 measurements.


Connected device: On an iOS or Android system, the Leica DISTO D1application will allow you to do prowess. In addition, this equipment has Bluetooth smart.

Multifunctional tip: The multifunctional tip it has will allow you to avoid errors to the nearest millimeter.

Versatile: A versatile tool always scores points, because according to the needs of its user, it will be able to adapt to all eventualities.


Bug report: It can happen that when you open the applications, the system bug tool.

Buying Guide

The old measuring tapes used to measure on-site have nowadays given way to an infallible competitor that is the laser meter. Despite the effervescence of the sites that will generally offer you a comparison, the choice is not always obvious, as the products are varied and the offers attractive. To avoid making a blind purchase, we suggest that you go through the various tips that we will give you in this buying guide for the best laser meters. Here are the selection criteria that we will tackle to address: distance and precision, tightness and solidity, as well as the level of adaptation.

Distance and accuracy

Obviously, if you decide to take a laser meter, it is certain that you want to measure in the simplest way possible, while having exact and precise measurements. Whether for personal or professional purposes, the watchwords are: distance and precision. In fact, what could you use a device that communicates erroneous data to you? You will understand, before spending your money on this or that other product, you must first be very demanding at this level and see if the equipment you plan to acquire is able to perform precise calculations.

In addition, the level of precision may vary from one model to another. As the margin of error is often expressed in “millimeters”, you will understand for yourself that the higher the number, the less precise the device. This becomes even more important if you use your equipment outdoors, because if the beam is weak, you will lose in terms of reading accuracy.

In addition, it is always interesting to favor devices that have a fairly high range. Obviously, this will essentially depend on your goal: private or professional, indoors or outdoors. For home use, the ideal range would be 50 to 80 m. On the other hand, for professional use, it is rather recommended to turn to models with a range of 250 m.

Sealing and solidity

Still wondering how to choose the best laser meters of 2020? Rely on the tightness and solidity of the material for this. In terms of robustness, it will depend first of all on the materials used during its design. In general, we will favor tools which are provided with rubber, because beyond allowing you a better grip, rubber is a resistant material and which is able to withstand shocks in case the tool comes down.

In addition, it is also important to have equipment that is future-proof, and is, therefore, able to face both good and bad times. To do this, you must refer to the model’s waterproof index. This is generally represented by 2 letters: IP meaning Protection Index, and by numbers that will be able to put your ear to the chip. If the numbers are high, it will mean that the model is particularly resistant and able to work in extreme conditions.

The level of adaptation

Although you are tempted to determine which laser meter to choose on a price comparison, so as not to regret your purchase, the best would be to trust the level of adaptation. What we mean by “level of adaptation” is concretely the ability of the device to adapt to various technological possibilities and its character to be able to be coupled to applications or quite simply to accessories. Indeed, it will be of great use to you, insofar as you like working with digital data, whether it is done from your Smartphone or your computer.

In most cases, this is made possible by Bluetooth, which will allow you to quickly establish a connection between your work materials. Otherwise, you may also be forced to send the results of a job to your colleagues, in these cases and only if your equipment is capable, you will only have to carry out a simple transfer.

In addition, in terms of accessories, it is always better to favor models that can be paired with other accessories, so as to boost the performance of the device. To cite just one example, a laser meter that can be mounted on a tripod is a good compromise if you want to increase the accuracy of the device and reduce the margins of error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does a laser meter work?

The laser meter is an extremely versatile device and is able to provide you with measurements before any work begins. In this sense, better than a calculator, it is able to calculate the area, the dimension, or the perimeters. To do this, as soon as you press the start button, the equipment will transmit a laser beam on a given target. In turn, the target in question will be responsible for reflecting the radius so that the material can gauge and therefore measure the distance between them.

This also involves calculating the time that elapses between the return of the ray. In other words, the time between when the tool operates the laser, and when the target reflects it will automatically be converted into a measurement value. Logically, the greater the distance, the longer it will take for the light to reach the laser meter. Once the data is obtained by the device, everything will be instantly displayed on the screen.

Q2: How to measure with a laser meter?

If you are still wondering how you should use the tool, this is surely your first use. So before you start measuring, there are a few things you need to know beforehand to avoid any incidents. Indeed, be aware that this material is potentially dangerous, so it should not be within the reach of your children and you must take some precautions yourself. The first rule is that you must first avoid turning it towards your face. The second and last rule before going to use it is that you should not use accessories that are not compatible with your device at the risk of damaging it.

To use it, first, place it on the floor. Obviously, to gain in terms of stability, the flat base must be in contact with the ground. Once your device is well stabilized, continue pointing the laser beam at the target, while avoiding exceeding the range of the device.

You can then adjust the height according to more or less approximate data. Once this is done, the level where you can start taking your measurements will be communicated. Then focus on placing the level near your area of ​​intervention. Then finish by tracing the marks, which you can do with a pencil.

Q3: How much does a laser meter cost?

As with all things, the price of a laser meter is very variable. Indeed, it can be influenced by several factors. As an example, a model produced by a renowned brand will not have the same value as a product that is marketed by a brand new brand still seeking to make its way. Similarly, the accessories included in the lot can also vary the price. Finally, the features included on the device as well as its resistance are also points that can influence this level. However, the price range is between 40 and 700 dollars.

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