The 10 Best Tape Measure

In this article, you will find a practical buying guide, about the selection of the best tape measure. Among them, the Komelon SM5425 Self-adhesive measuring tape, the steel construction of which reassures long-term use. Added to this is the Tajima H1550MW Hi Lock Tape measure, which stands out thanks to its ease of use and its very light design.

List of Best Tape Measure


Komelon SM5425

Komelon SM5425

  • Length 2M
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable

Tajima H1550MW

Tajima H1550MW

  • Accurate
  • Durability
  • Length  5M

Crescent Lufkin Tape

Crescent Lufkin Tape

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Length 6FT

Crescent L1025CB

Crescent L1025CB

  • Black Clad
  • Protective blade
  • Adjustable

Stanley FMHT74038A

Stanley FMHT74038A

  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • 11 Feet

Stanley STA033811

Stanley STA033811

  • Length 10M
  • Reliable
  • Easy To Use
  1. Komelon SM5425 Speed Mark Gripper measuring tape

To avoid worrying over about the best measuring tape on the market, you just have to take this article. First of all,  Komelon SM5425 Speed Mark Gripper Acrylic Coated Steel Blade Measuring Tapemeasuring 2 meters, this model offers enough length to be functional in sewing work in particular.

However, some DIY enthusiasts also adopt it because it is versatile and does not distinguish any material. Indeed, whether plastic, wood, or even metal, this tool is suitable. Its scale is then from left to right and its design brings together steel, which already testifies to its resistance. Optionally, you can adjust its length using a scissor if necessary.

Added to this design, so as not to mislead you in the measurements, this unit adheres to the materials you plan to determine the length. To achieve this, you will not even have to moisten the device every time since it sticks automatically.


  • Practical: This measuring tape sticks automatically to the material to be measured because of its non-stick characteristic.
  • Covering: Being a total length of 2 meters, this device gives you the means to measure metal or wood on a large scale.
  • Adjustable: To adjust the length of this model according to the element to be evaluated, you just need to shorten it using scissors.


Robustness: According to the opinion of some users, as we use this unit, it tends to weaken.

  1. Tajima H1550MW Hi Lock Tape measure

This measuring tape guarantees you better visibility of the graduation due to its structure made entirely of steel. In Tajima H1550MW Class 1"Hi Lock Measuring Tapeaddition, its design is not likely to deteriorate after a few months of use since this device has undergone a special anti-reflection and anti-abrasion treatment.

Likewise, unlike other models scattered on the market, this article is characterized by its optimized measurement accuracy. Measuring 5 meters, it gives you the means to assess the length of a particular element up to a very distant distance.

In addition, this measuring tape is wrapped and well protected inside a case that proves resistant to any test, and which is shiny for more aesthetics.

This part has been specially designed from ABS materials, which gives it great robustness. This same case facilitates its use and protects from possible injuries linked to the sudden return of the measuring tape.


  • Efficient: When you have finished evaluating the element, all you have to do is end the stroke of this model using the shock absorber located on its housing.
  • Portable: Thanks to its rear clip, you can carry this measuring tape everywhere with you by inserting it on your belt.
  • Durable: The case that serves as an envelope for this model is resistant to extreme handling due to its ABS design.


System: In the case of intensive use, the ribbon of this article gets stuck a few times in the mechanism of the case.

  1. Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure

Equipped with an automatic winding system, this measuring tape proves to be very easy to handle. On the one hand, Crescent Lufkin 1/4" x 6' Executive Diameter Yellowaccording to your expectations, it takes place up to a length of 3 meters without the slightest finding of bending at the level of its structure.

And another, in a jiffy, it rolls up inside its case to easily return to its original place. In addition, when you have reached the desired distance, simply use its hook at the right angle to mark the point of contact.

In the same vein and to gain precision, you can also hang this device on a screw or a nail from its ingeniously placed hole. In addition, to simplify your use as much as possible, note that the box inside which this model is placed can be hung on your belt using a removable clip intended for this purpose.


  • Adjustable: Since the hook of this device can be adjusted on 3 different levels, it can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
  • Precise: This tape measure is not likely to lose in terms of accuracy of measurements, due to its mechanism with class 2 precision.
  • Easy to use: This device twists and unwinds without too many constraints through its automatic winding system.


Fragility: Once dropped into water or confronted with sweat, the ribbon can easily rust.

  1. Crescent Lufkin 1-3/16 x 25′ Tape Measure

Unlike other models that do not even last a month when used regularly, this tape measure stands out due to its Crescent Lufkin Tape Measureability to maintain its intact shape over the long term. Indeed, it consists of a PVC coating to which is added a scratch-resistant, waterproof and wrinkle-free property.

In addition, so that you can assess the length of an element according to the rules of the art, this device displays a clear imperial and metric graduation. All over a length of 50 meters! In addition, its ribbon is well protected inside a case whose plastic structure is not afraid of extreme usage constraints, including rust.

Added to this design, its cover is even more resistant through its metal ends consisting of a claw and a hook. In short, you will understand, in case you no longer want to wonder which tape measure to choose, this article deserves that you pay special attention to it.


Practical: To allow you to measure millimeter by millimeter, this tape consists of a metric and imperial graduation.

Durable: You will be able to use this tape measure over time thanks to its PVC structure which gives it great longevity.

Well protected: The ribbon of this device is well preserved in a case that withstands heavy handling due to its quality plastic composition.

The cons

Weight: Taking into account its total length of 50 meters, it is not surprising that this article weighs heavily.

  1. Stanley 1-30-697 Meter Tylon Bi-material

Composed of a lacquered steel structure, this model is able to keep its shape intact over time. It is also thanks to its Stanley Meausre Tape protective varnish that this device is so renowned for not yielding easily under intense constraints.

In addition, even in the event of a sudden tearing, it is particularly resistant thanks to its hook with 2 rivets. Once you have adopted the desired distance, you will only have to stop the travel of its ribbon using its blocking button.

In addition, although you use this measuring tape for a long time, you will in no case risk feeling the slightest discomfort in your hand.

Indeed, its bi-material case has been precisely designed to give you a very comfortable grip. Often defined as the best measuring tape, it is a product which however benefits from a good quality-price ratio.


Resistant: This model does not fear brutal tearing as its fixing is ensured by a hook composed of 2 rivets.

Comfortable: To provide you with great comfort of use, the case of this model has been developed from an alliance of 2 materials.

Practical: You will only have to use its blocking button when the distance that this device has covered covers the entire element to be measured.


Structure: Even if we remove the label placed below this tape measure, it still leaves some traces of glue.

  1. Stanley 0-33-811 Tape Measure FatMax Range

If Stanley often comes back in our comparison, it is because many judge it as being the best brand of tape measures. Stanley 0-33-811 Tape MeasurePrecisely equipped with class 2 precision, this model gives you the possibility of accurately measuring different elements, especially since its width is 32 mm.

This is why you can use it both indoors and outdoors, without the slightest difficulty. In addition, this measurement accuracy is joined by a hook that can be placed in a position of the real zero.

In addition to the Blade Armor coating, the first 8 centimeters have been designed to be particularly resistant. All of this combined with a Mylar coating that increases the durability of this device by 10, if we had to compare it to another model.

Even in the event of a fall or impact, this item is particularly solid thanks to its case made of chrome-plated ABS. In addition, this blanket guarantees you great comfort of use since its size and shape have been specially designed to perfectly fit the shape of your hand.


Practical: In case you want to keep the measurement obtained, you will only have to brake the travel of the ribbon using its blocking button.

Durable: Even with regular water splashes, its housing is not likely to deteriorate in a short time due to its anti-corrosion design.

Precise: In order not to be mistaken in the measurements, the hook of this less expensive model is put in position of real zero.


Marking: Regretfully, this measuring tape only displays one side marked by graduation, which removes a point from its practicality.

  1. Keson MC18M50 Closed Metal Measuring Tape

This measuring tape has vertical and horizontal rigidity, which guarantees long-term use. In addition, in case of Keson MC18M50 Closed Metal Measuring Tapefrequent movement, you just have to fix it at your belt using the clip provided for this purpose.

Even in particularly dazzling weather, you can still read the measurement of this device with excellent visibility. Indeed, composed of a high durability Mylar coating, its ribbon has been specially designed to resist the reflection of light.

In addition, even if its case is exposed to conditions of intensive use or to shocks, it is not likely to deform easily due to its soft coating. Either way, this article is among the most requested in case you want to understand where to buy a new measuring tape.


Easy to consult: No glare will prevent you from consulting the graduation of this article because of its anti-reflective design.

Comfortable: To make it easier for you to handle this tape measure, note that it weighs only 49.9 grams, which gives you an optimal comfort of use.

Robust: Even if you use it for hours at a stretch, this device proves to be very resistant thanks to its case composed of a soft coating.


Structure: According to some users, the metal tip of this model does not seem as robust as it claims.

  1. Stanley 1-30-657 Bi-material Tylon Meter

Unlike the other measuring tapes, the graduation of which tends to fade after a few months of use, this model is Stanley 1-30-657 Bi-material Tylon Metercharacterized by the longevity of its graduation 1.5 longer than usual.

In addition, it allows you to take very detailed measurements through its class 2 precision and its hook in a position of real zero. Added to this, with the help of its blocking system, you will be able to stop the running of its ribbon at any time or to wind it immediately in the case.

In addition, in order not to tire your hands in the event of regular use, the casing which envelopes this model develops optimal comfort of use thanks to its non-slip rubber coating.

In addition, this well thought out structure gives the tape maximum protection against extreme conditions of use, such as falls or shocks.


Easy to transport: When transporting, you just have to hang this unit on your belt using its clip for a small level of space.

Practical: With its consequent width of 25 mm, this measuring tape allows you to measure with precision a large number of materials.

Resistant: The hook with 2 rivets of this article gives you very good resistance in the event of sudden pulling.


System: It sometimes happens that the travel mechanism of its ribbon becomes blocked due to prolonged and intensive use.

  1. CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, PRO-11, 25-Foot

To help you find where to buy the best tape measure, but one that is not expensive, we advise you to orient your CRAFTSMAN Tape Measurechoice towards this most practical article.

First of all, it is well preserved inside a case whose rubber structure proves to be very resistant to any test, with a carrying handle. In addition, you will have no difficulty in viewing the metric and imperial scale of this article due to its excellent readability.

Also, from the moment you have finished measuring the element using this device, its tape automatically returns to its starting position.

In addition, depending on your needs, the position of the tape can be slowed down or locked in order to keep the measurement obtained. Furthermore, as a further guarantee of its quality, know that this measuring tape follows EEC precision standards, with a class 2.


Easy to use: It is possible to memorize in a brief instant the measurement obtained by blocking the position of the ribbon of this article.

Robust: This model has a very high resistance to heavy handling due to its quality rubber case.

Reliable: To ensure the reliability of this device, note that it meets EEC precision standards, with a class 2.


Structure: The only negative point that we could criticize this tape measure concerns the robustness of its design which leaves something to be desired.

  1. General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

This measuring tape has an LCD screen with which you can switch to a digital reading of the measurements General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laserobtained. In addition, it locks in place and is easily rolled up using the button in the anterior position intended for this purpose.

In addition, having a belt clip and a wrist strap, this item can be easily transported from one place to another while on the go.

In addition, this measuring tape is coupled with a laser rangefinder with a length of 40 m whose objective is to allow you to take a measurement with great precision.

This component also gives you the possibility of performing a self-calibration and continuous measurement, with a reference adjustable forwards or backward from – 9 cm to 9 cm. Relatively practical, it adds a magnetic tip to better stabilize the blade and to be even more accurate in its measurements.


Versatile: For greater measurement accuracy, note that in addition to its standard function, this model also consists of a laser rangefinder and a magnetic tip.

Practical: Whether you want to wrap its ribbon or lock it in place, you will only have to use its button forward.

Complete: Upon receipt of this model, you will discover in its pack 2 AAA batteries, a screwdriver, a cord and a user manual.


Autonomy: Some users find that in case of regular use, the batteries delivered during the acquisition of this article do not have enough autonomy.

Purchase guide

Given that the market is currently inundated with a very wide variety of measuring tapes, it will not be easy for you to find the item you need. Yes, you risk very quickly being confronted with a great dilemma and subsequently taking a model that does not necessarily suit you. To remedy this, we suggest you take a look at our buying guide for the best measuring tapes. You will then be able to increase your chances of finding the most efficient device and in line with your real needs.

So that you have a little idea of ​​how to choose the best measuring tapes of 2020, we will start with this criterion which is essential, especially for professional use. Indeed, as with everything, this type of article is no exception to the rule and is subject to standards.

If we had to go into a little more detail, we will have to say that here precision must be there. There is, therefore, a certain categorization that will allow us to gauge the degree of precision of each device. For this, they are dispatched under 4 categories of standards, namely: I, II, III, and IV.

So once you have flashed on a model in question, consider carrying out verification, because this information should normally appear in the article, just like the length of the device. Generally speaking, we prefer to choose a tape measure from category I or II, because these 2 standards are deemed to be the most reliable in terms of accuracy. You will understand, here, the more the numbers increase, the more the device will be less and less precise. So trust this criterion before going into a price comparison.

The type of measuring tape

You are certainly aware that tape measures can come in various types, depending on the options available to them. Thus, you will be able to meet on the market magnetic, self-locking tape measures, indirect reading or with a belt clip.

In all cases, you will have to compare all the devices and take into account your needs in this area. In the same vein, if you work in the field of sewing, the best advice we can give you would be to favor the models which have been designed for this purpose and which have a length of around 2 meters.

For site workers, the best alternative would be to opt for models that have direct reading in order to lighten your tasks. Still with this in mind, you should also choose a model that has a manual winding if you are going to tackle a large work.

However, to enjoy maximum practicality, nothing can be worth the models that incorporate an automatic winding case, because, in addition to offering you a length that can extend up to 20 m, they have the advantage to save you a rewinding job, since the tape automatically retracts.

This last type of measuring tape is popular if you want to measure a surface (for fittings, for example) and it is most often offered in a metal or plastic case. The presence of a magnetic tip also promotes the accuracy of the measurements.

Material and width of the tape

Still, to determine how to buy a tape measure of better value for money, the last parameter that we want to address concerns the material and the width of the device in question. If you are looking for a particularly resistant model, we offer the articles which have been developed with nylon, mylar, polyester, or those which have a protective varnish.

As for the width, favor the models that will allow you to enjoy a better folding point. In other words, if the width is substantial, the folding point will be much further away, which will not allow you to optimize your comfort when taking the measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does a measuring tape work?

There’s nothing rocket science on a measuring tape. So if you are wondering how this type of tool works, the answer is simple. Since this is an instrument that will be used primarily to measure the length of a surface, fabric or anything else, it has a flexible tape with units of measure on it.

Its main feature is that it can be rolled up easily, which makes it very practical to transport. You don’t have to be a genius, as you will just have to pull the tape out and go to the measurement job.

Q2: How to use a measuring tape?

To make sure you don’t use your tool anytime, here are some tips to help you master your measuring tape. To do this, start by holding the case with one of your hands, while the other hand will take care of pulling the ribbon. As it is a flexible ribbon, you will be able to take it out of its casing without having to exert too much effort. You will then discover graduations that will allow you to carry out your measurement work.

If it is an automatic model, install the hook on an edge of the workpiece, for example, and activate the locking button when you have reached the limit of the surface to be measured. Then take note of the measurement and once you have disengaged the ribbon, it retracts on its own.

Be careful not to abuse your tool, because the edge may end up twisting, which will make you lose precision. Similarly, it may be that over time the tape comes out of its housing entirely, and there, you will have to find out how to reassemble a measuring tape.

Q3: How to measure without a tape measure?

Do you intend to measure a surface or an element, but you are not equipped? Start by finding a tool that can be flexible, it can be a headset, a jump rope, a cable. Then measure the desired area, and if you no longer need your tool, you can immediately consider cutting it to keep your bearings.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to do so, take a pen or a marker and write a point on the tool. Then take a ruler and gradually measure the distance you just marked.

Q4: How to read a measuring tape?

You are not a fan of numbers and you get a little lost in reading your measuring tape. Don’t panic, here’s how you should read a tape measure.

The bold numbers on the bottom are usually expressed in centimeters, while the top ones are expressed in inches. So measure according to the unit of measurement that suits you and to better guide you, know that an inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm.

Q5: When was the measuring tape invented?

The tape measure is a measuring instrument that dates back many years. Indeed, it would be almost 200 years old, because it was born during the year 1810, thanks to a tailor who answers under the name of Mr. Barde. However, the idea to build this device came for the first time from an English man by the name of George Atkinson in the course of the year 1800.

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