Makita Hammer HM1203C Review

Looking for information on the Makita hammer HM1203C? The Makita HM1203C is a good chopping hammer. It is one of the best demolition hammer for the job.

With 19 joules of impact force and weighing less than 10 kg, this demolition hammer is a useful ally for demolishing load-bearing walls, masonry walls, pavements, concrete ramps, sidewalks, and floor slabs. You can also use it to dig wells and footings in compact clay or to cut asphalt, to give some examples.

In my opinion, the most remarkable thing about this SDS Max demolition hammer is its weight-power ratio, its good ergonomics, and its low level of vibrations. What other hammers do you compare to? What exactly does it offer you? Keep reading and I’ll explain it to you.

Makita HM1203C technical specifications

The performance of the Makita HM1203C Chipping Hammer is as follows:

  • Power: 1510W
  • Blows per minute: 950-1900 gpm
  • Insertion type: SDS-Max
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Cable length: 4.0 meters
  • Dimensions: 576x149x265 mm
  • Smooth start and constant electronics
  • 12 chiseling positions
  • Electronic regulation of the impact rate
  • Intended use: demolish walls, open holes in walls, tear off tile, digging trenches, etc.

Makita hammer Hammer HM1203C vs Bosch Hammer GSH 11 E

The HM1203C is a demolition hammer comparable to the Bosch GSH 11 electric hammer and is very similar in size and suitable for the same uses, but has some advantages.

For example, the Makita HM1203C has a higher impact power than the Bosch, even though it weighs 400 grams less. The HM1203C has an impact force of 19.1 joules and its weight is only 9.7 kg. It is, therefore, perfect for chipping walls and for demolishing above the waist. Like the Bosch, it includes a quick-change SDS-Max tool holder and it’s electric motor has an equivalent power (1510W).

What demolition tasks can you do with the Makita HM1203C Chipping Hammer?

In my opinion, the Makita HM1203C is the best pick hammer for horizontal demolition, or one of the best. In it you can use any type of SDS-Max accessory. Just lightly grease the shank of the pointer and push it slightly into the tool holder. When you hear the click, the hammer is ready to use.

Makita HM1203C 240 V SDS Max AVT Demolition Hammer in a Carry Case ...

Since it is suitable for using wide blades and chisels, the HM1203C includes a regulator that allows you to orient the direction of flat tools in 12 chiseling positions.

Its ergonomic design with non-slip rubberized grip gives you good tool control. In addition, the vibration reduction mechanism helps you reduce fatigue when using it for a long time. On the other hand, the impact rate is adjustable by a dial, which allows you to reduce the number of hits when you use it for lighter demolition tasks (for example, in semi-solid brick). The HM1203C includes a D-shaped 360-degree adjustable auxiliary handle.

As for the electric motor, the Makita HM1203C includes a new design of the carbon brushes. They are larger and have a larger contact surface, which means they improve performance (reduce resistance to current flow) and extend the life of the hammer. In addition, it has a progressive soft start and a 6-position electronic speed regulator.

On the other hand, the HM1203C includes a maintenance light that alerts you to brush wear. It also helps you quickly check that there is no problem with the electric current or the cable. And speaking of the cable, this Makita hammer has a 4-meter long cable, which, on many occasions, will allow you to do without the electric extension cord. Do you need more info? Take a look at its manual (PDF, 1 MB) or check it out on the Makita website.

Low level of vibrations

The HM1203C is a demolition hammer that emits few vibrations:

The vibration reduction system of the Makita HM1203C reduces the number of revolutions of the motor when it is not under load. This, in addition to preventing your arms from tingling when demolishing during long sessions, also prevents premature engine wear.

Makita HM 1203C hammer impact rate regulation

You can regulate the rate of blows per minute with the speed regulation wheel. It can be done while stopped or with the machine running. The dial is marked with five numbers, with 1 being the slowest speed. Use this table to adjust the impact rate.

Makita HM1203C 110 V SDS Max AVT Demolition Hammer in a Carry Case ...

Please note that the Makita HM1203C Demolition Hammer reduces the impact rate when not in charge (to reduce vibrations). This means that apparently the change does not take effect. However, when the hammer begins to chisel and meets resistance the rate increases and adjusts to the values ​​indicated in the table above. When chipping concrete you should always use position number 5.

On the other hand, conditions can also vary when the lubricating grease of the hammer does not have the correct fluidity (due to a low temperature).

Where to buy Makita hammer HM1203C

You can buy the Makita HM1203C electric hammer in the Amazon online store, with a secure payment and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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